Mimix Studios is located in Espoo, Olarinluoma (Finland). We house a top notch professional recording studio, a second separate control room, four offices, a cosy lounge and a well equipped kitchen.

Mimix has been involed in thousands of albums and countless tracks.

We have all the necessary tools and know how for any music- and video production.

The Team
Studio Manager, producer
composer, sound engineer
Producer, composer, guitarist
Guitarist, composer, producer
Composer, producer
Composer, arranger, improviser, violins
Producer, composer, arranger, programmer
Jyri Sariola

Jyri is the Mimix Studios co-owner and head engineer and has been involved on thousands of tracks and hundreds of albums since 2004.

Jyri is a Protools specialist and recording- mixing- and mastering engineer but he is also producer, arranger, composer and drummer, video artist and photographer. The music videos Jyri has directed have been viewed millions of times.

Jyri’s control room is in the heart of the Mimix’s main studio and is filled with modern and vintage gear.

Jyri uses Amphion One18 monitors and UAD, Softube, Izotope and Plugin Alliance plugins and he also uses Logic and Premiere.

Jyri has worked with:

Samuli Edelmann, Johanna Iivanainen, Mikko Leppilampi, Weranta, Leningrad Cowboys, Club For Five, Rajaton, Antti Tuisku, Frigg, Johanna Försti, Timo Rautiainen, Pepe Willberg, Nopsajalka, Lenno, Olivera, Lauri Tähkä, Chisu, Espoo Big Band w Kurt Elling - Ruthie Foster & Lenny Pickett, Jenni Vartiainen, Yö-yhtye, Martti Syrjä, Katri Helena, Jari Sillanpää, Jippu, Quarantine Big Band, Osmo Ikonen, Emma Salokoski Voices, Dallape, Sami Saari & Jazz Pojat & Riku Niemi Orkesteri, Don Alder(CAN), Seth Horan(USA), Real Group(SWE), Krita(SWE), French For Cartridge(LUX/FIN), Vanilla Ace/Nervous Records(UK/USA), Eve & Ossi, Tuuletar, North Of Kallio, Mika Ikonen, Eeppi Ursin, Husband, Varre Vartiainen & Mike Stern(USA), Tero Lindberg, Jere Ijäs, Petteri Sariola, The Northern Governors, Suo Yhtye, Puhti, Ville Parkkonen, Valtteri Pöyhönen Nonet & Antti Sarpila, Higher Ground Vocals, Paavo Hyökki, Lainhuuto, Ylioppilaskunnan laulajat, Heikki Sarmanto, Suvi Karjula, Mervi Koponen, Sakari Kukko & Piirpauke, My First Band, Satu Sopanen & Tuttiorkesteri, Paukkumaissi, Satokausikalenteri, Nukkearkku, Sanoma-Pro, Yle, Pekingin Olympialaiset 2022, Beijing Angel Choir

Studio inquiries: jyri@mimixstudio.com

Sounds & images
Drums + more
Lenno Linjama

Hello! I’m Lenno Linjama, a producer, songwriter and DJ from Espoo, Finland. My room at Mimix Studios is filled with analog synths, tape delays, weird and wonderful guitars and basses, excellently controlled acoustics, and immaculate vibes.

I started my career as a DJ/producer under the name Lenno, and have played shows in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and all around Europe. I’ve also made official remixes for artists including ZAYN, Kelly Clarkson, Tove Lo and ALMA.

As a producer, I’ve had the privilege to work with many incredible international artists, including Alec Benjamin, Oliver Heldens, MAX, SHINee, Seeb, HRVY, Christopher, Vigiland and A7S. My work has gathered over half a billion streams and numerous platinum and gold records. I’m published by Warner Chappell US/Deep Cuts Music Publishing.

I also do sound design and production music for clients like Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Lancôme, Splice and Rovio.

Petteri Sariola

Petteri Sariola is a solo artist, known for his percussive fingerstyle compositions on the steel-string acoustic guitar. He has released four solo albums since 2007 and played over a thousand shows in over 20 countries, including USA, Japan and all over Europe. Sariola’s videos have had millions of views on social media sites and Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest newspaper magazine in Finland, gave his 4th album “Resolution” (2017) a 5 star review.

He has opened concerts for Tori Amos (USA), Andy McKee (USA) and Rodrigo Y Gabriela (MEX), and collaborated with Doug Wimbish (Madonna, Living Colour), Jon Gomm (UK), Mike Dawes (UK), Rajaton and Club For Five. On Finnish national TV he has been featured in special acoustic duo performances with Robin Packalen, Jenni Vartiainen and Elastinen just to mention a few.

Besides his solo career Sariola has worked as a session guitarist on over 400 tracks for artist such as Alec Benjamin (USA), Mikko Kuustonen, Saara Aalto, Don Johnson Big Band, and Osmo Ikonen (Sunrise Avenue). He is specialized in productions based around his unique percussive approach on the acoustic guitar.

Sariola’s room features Flea microphones, DPA microphones, boutique studio hardware from Heritage Audio, Buzz Audio and elysia among many others, handmade signature model guitars from Cuntz and Ruokangas, vast selection of various vintage string instruments and analog synthesizers - all of this together opens up a tone colour palette spanning from modern day to past decades. The room is equipped with Genelec 8351 monitors + 7360 subwoofer and the acoustics have been tweaked to optimal performance with GIK acoustic panels.

Website: http://www.petterisariola.fi

Contact: petterisariola (at) gmail.com

Vesku Mattsson

I am the founder of Tempo Music. Tempo Music is a Finnish audio company founded in 1998.

Our mission is to give companies new ways to express themselves with professionally produced music and well-designed sound. We compose and produce music for a variety of media, including movies, video games, TV shows, marketing and commercials.

Our services also include project management, which may include music copyright clearance or even copyright law consulting. What we do not know, so do our partners.

In the future, one of the company's most important goals is to increase its product portfolio towards digital products and to offer our customers even more diverse services.

Find out more:  tempomusic.fi

Pro Tools
Aino Eerola

Aino Eerola is a musician-composer. Her recent focus has been jazz, but she also works in the professional fields of classical, tango, electroacoustic, folk and pop music. Aino has performed her own music with various groups in Finland and abroad. Many bandleaders/producers turn to Aino when searching for a violinist who is able to mingle and improvise between different music genres, still maintaining the strength of each style, especially when speaking of jazz, tango and classical music.

The recent years Aino has worked also in the theatre scene as a musician: In the Swedish theatre in Helsinki (Next to Normal) as a violinist/second keyboardist and in the Helsinki City Theatre (Kinky Boots, Little Mermaid) as a violinist.

Aino has composed film music, played the violin in the albums of many known pop artists and done string arrangements for pop songs. Mimix is a great environment especially for this kind of work since there are great facilities and so many possibilities for co-operation.

For the gear list, please check Petteri's lab. In addition, Aino works also with the following equipments/softwares (among others) when gigging/composing/mixing/recording:

  • DPA 4099 Core Violin
  • Schertler STAT-V-Set
  • AKG C411
  • RME Babyface Pro FS
  • Behringer FCB1010
  • Ableton Live
  • Pro Tools
  • Sibelius Ultimate
  • Specs
    Violins + More
    Arranger & Improvisator
    Mikael 'Mikkis' Bergholm

    Passion for music and anything that promotes good storrytelling.

    That's me in a nutshell.

    Keyboards + more

    The Studio

    The studio, designed by Mika Niilonen, consists of four sound proof rooms and a high end, centrally located control room with good visual contact to three of the rooms.

    The compact studio is flexible enough to house even a larger session.

    Available is also a cosy lounge and a well equipped kitchen.

    Easy access by car (close to Ring 2) and lots of free parking.

    The closest subway (metro) station is Niittykumpu, a 10 minute walk away.


    The microphone selection is of highest quality and provides the best possible environment for any audio recording needs.

    The selection of microphones ranges from top modern mics to legandary old tube mics, e.g. the velvety and soft Telefunken KM54's and KM56's, 4 in total.

    Avaliable for mastering, a unique, world first Fairman Master Tube Compressor, a work horse on thousands of mixed and mastered tracks.

    Videos are recorded with movie class cameras such as Blackmagic Ursa mini 4.6k, which offers world class dynamics.

    The studio has a total of 6 video cameras.

    The studio's Grand Piano is a frequently maintained Yamaha C7, which is in excellent condition.

    For more info, contact: jyri@mimixstudio.com


    Condenser microphones:

    Telefunken KM54 (tube)

    Telefunken KM56 x 4 (tube)

    Telefunken KM86i

    Flea U47 (tube)

    Flea Model A (U49) (tube)

    Flea 48 Superfet

    Röde Classic Mark I (tube)

    Röde NT5

    Neumann 103 x 4

    Neumann U87

    AKG 414 x 6

    AKG CK-61-uls

    AKG C4000B

    AKG C3000B

    DPA 4091 x 2 (omni)

    DPA 4051 x 1 (omni)

    Octava MK-219 x 2

    Octava MK-102 x 2

    Ribbon microphones:

    Coles 4038 x 2

    AEA R84

    Beyerdynamic M160

    Beyerdynamic M130

    Shure KSM 313/NE Dual

    Dynamic microphones:

    Shure PG52

    AKG D112

    Sennheiser 441

    EV RE20

    Shure SM7

    Shure SM57 (many)

    Shure SM58 (many)


    Close to metro
    Optimal location
    Free parking
    Free WIFI
    Olarinluoma 14 B
    02200 Espoo

    Jyri Sariola
    jyri ( at ) mimixstudio.com
    +358 50 569 7126

    Mikael Bergholm
    mikkis ( at ) mimixstudio.com
    +358 40 543 0092